Friday, May 04, 2007

Sex, drugs and slinky hips

Have you seen this?

Pill to boost women's sex drive and help them lose weight

A DRUG that boosts female sex drive while helping women lose weight is being developed by one of Scotland's leading experts on human reproduction. Although rare in men, lack of sex drive is very common among women, with up to 40% thought to be affected at some point in their lives. Common causes are stress, relationship difficulties and having a baby.

British women spend up to 31 years of their adult lives, or six months of each year, on a diet - more time than they spend sleeping or raising children. Nearly two-thirds are unhappy with their bodies and think being thinner would make them happier.

Now, I'm all for science, but this causes me a little trouble.

a) Messing with hormones without really knowing what function they serve always makes me nervous. Look at HRT.

b) What are the consequences of this for young women, teenagers, who already have the thin-is-beautiful-fat-is-ugly mentality? Are they going to start popping pills to make themselves skinny, that also make them want to shag anything in trousers? Eek. I mean I appreciate a lack of libido can have an adverse effect on relationships, but sometimes the underlying cause for a drop in libido is unhappiness or depression or some other problem that needs to be addressed. I'm not sure a pill that makes you want to have sex is the answer (although I can see it making the male gender very happy :)

Passion by Bertram Bahner


  1. "Millar said that when female musk shrews and marmoset monkeys were directly injected with doses of Type 2 GnRH, they displayed classic mating behaviour towards their male counterparts.
    In musk shrews this was shown by "rump presentation and tail wagging", and in monkeys it included "tongue flicking and eyebrow raising".
    However, in an unexpected short-term side-effect, the laboratory animals also ate significantly less food than usual. In some cases this was one-third less than their usual daily diet."

    "The scientist has spent 30 years researching
    Type 2 gonadotropin-releasing hormone, which drives the reproductive system in animals and humans."

    I didn't read the full article, cause i'm kinda tired, but let me guess, the animals didn't sleep well after these drugs and were quite active, not only sexually?
    30 years they've been doing some shit, and finally they realized that solution is right on the corner [literally speaking] and the name to that solution is amphetamine!
    when it comes out is it going to be popular? i think yes, especially within the groups of junkys. i personally lost 15kgs in 2 weeks, using amph, no I wasn't overweight, i was young and curious!
    well what can i say +1 legal drug in uk!

    i just hope i'm wrong...

  2. Great post, Toni. I'll admit when I first read it, I was like, "wow, cool" for all of a second. But then reality kicked in: this sounds like a man's fantasy pill, having a skinny, sex-crazed woman. But what about the physical and emotional side effects? I have nothing against science and cures and all that either, but like you said, there's usually a deeper, underlying reason why a woman might have a low sex-drive, and to try to use pills to "cure" it is not going to solve the problem.

    I'm on my way to work, but I'll have to come back to this later and read it more thoroughly.

  3. The term Spanish Fly popped into my head, a childhood fantasy drug that was supposed to have existed.

    Remember that scene from one of the Matrix sequels? The desert that made the woman leave the table to "go to the bathroom?"

    Yes, it is a turn on.


    You've nailed it. We are constantly solving the symptoms, and nature has a way of fighting back, which I interpret in this case as even more severe depression, which, at it's most extreme, would end with suicide.

  4. Toni, you are spot on and I applaud you for posting. This drug is a bad thing for all women.

    Most females have enough trouble with their hormones without ingesting a medication that suspiciously sounds too male oriented.

    Yes, I'd like to be thinner and I know Studs would be ecstatic if I spent more time injoying sex than laundry, cleaning, grocery shopping, and fifty other things during the day. But a guy can't have everything.

  5. kota--LOL. I hadn't thought of amphetamines. More yikes.

    Stacy~it made me think. We all want to be thin and enjoy sex, but this made me squirm (and not in a good way).

    Scott--my DH was very excited when we saw it on the news LOL. But again, only until you think about it. Never heard of Spanish Fly, actually I think half the stuff went over my head when I was a kid LOL. The dessert though... chocolate mousse? Now you're talking ;)

    Sloane--LOL. I think men still like a tidy house and food on the table LOL. Even if their wives look like a male fantasy and are wild in bed, they'd still like the jobs done :)

  6. A very informative post. As someone who's been on HRT since the age of 24 due to an early total hysterectomy to save my health...I can vouch for the fact that HRT's do make your libido more ravenous! :) But factors like anti-depressants, stress, and relationship problems definitely affect your libido. This sounds very much like a male-oriented drug - a female Viagra, if you will.

    At the same time I've had doctors try and get me OFF HRT, with the theory that I had to be afraid of breast cancer. The truth is, a combo of estrogen/progesterone HRT will restore your libido to your previous 18yr old level, and the progesterone protects you against cancer and depression. It's funny that men (docs etc) seem to be on both sides of the fence.

    JMHO - but it's a female Viagra. And look at all the side effects Viagra and Celixa (sp?) are having on men? While I'd love to be skinny again, I have no side effects from my HRT and told my doctor that being in your late 40's didn't mean you had to give up sex! (much to his shock)

    You'd think with all the *other* things science could be fixing, this wouldn't top their list.

  7. P.S. Love your photo of lovers on the beach! :)

  8. Well, golly. Does sound like a Penthouse dream drug. Would preventing world hunger or curing breast cancer be a more worthy way of spending research money?

  9. Guess if you take the drug and spend all your waking hours in the sack then you're bound to loose weight.... you wouldn't need to pay out on a gym would you! lol.

    Wonder if men would still want to shag a skinny bird, ratty from lack of sleep, hungry but too 'horned up' to eat and sporting a massive beard (there do have to be side effects don't there!)

  10. I'm thinking this pill was invented by men. Sounds like they should call it the Playboy Bunny Pill.

    Notice they don't seem to combine weight loss with Viagra....

    Reminds me of those diet commercials where the same company has their commercials for their women's plan with the women saying how the diet makes them sexy for their man, and the commercials for their men's plan has men talking about how they are able to have sex more often. As if men diet to be able to have more sex and women diet so they can be sexy for the men who are able to have more sex.

    Women apparently can't diet for their own health and well-being, they have to diet to look sexy For Men.

    Well there was a little rant. LOL.

  11. You've been tagged...Joy, oh joy!