Monday, February 22, 2010

Paris...Day 2 morning. Louvre.

On our second morning in Paris the weather turned to sleet so we hit the Louvre (again, go early or die in the queue of starvation). The kids wanted to see the Mona Lisa...yes, that's her in the distance :)  Not my favorite picture by any stretch. 

They've moved her since last time and put that screen over her and a barrier so you are so far away you can barely make out her features.

Some of the real (to me) beauties are hung on the wall within touching distance...
The Lacemaker by Johannes Vermeer painted around 1669. Probably worth millions. What I hadn't realized is the picture is tiny.  24 cm high, 21 cm wide.  But so beautiful. 

Even the ceilings were amazing...

My seven year old son was quite taken with the gory, bloody battle scenes that took up entire walls. But after we'd been to see 3 or 4 paintings that we just had to see (and a hundred galleries), we hit the kids' choice of destination...the mummies! They have a fantastic display of Sarcophagi and ancient carvings and jewelery raided from tombs, but I always feel a little uneasy with these sorts of exhibits.  They always feel stolen, like the Elgin Marbles. Enough said, the kids loved it.

And finally we had to visit the naked people.  Well, in Paris that isn't very difficult, even the kids were laughing that around every corner were naked men and women of one form or another.  Hubby wanted to see Venus...

and I wanted to see Canova's achingly beautiful 'Psyche revived by love's kiss' and 'Cupid and Psyche.' Gorgeous gorgeous sculptures.
Odd to walk in the footsteps of such notables as Louis XIV and Napoleon. 
I wonder what they would have made of the pyramid?  When we got back outside it was still raining so we found a dry spot on some steps and ate our baguettes while admiring the architecture and watching all the other tourists enjoy the day.


  1. Loving your tour updates ...what a treat.

  2. It was so wonderful to see the Louvre pixs! I went to Paris a year ago last September and I absolutely loved it. We were a bit luckier though - sunshine and warm every day. The benefits of going in September. Although I'd go to Paris any time of the year! My favourite statue was Nike. And the one, can't remember the name, but the woman had a veil over her face and it looked so filmy and real it amazed me.

  3. Toni, thank you so much for sharing your gorgeous pictures! What a super travelogue. Can you believe I have *two* CPs in Paris at the same time? If you run into Sally Eggert, please say hello! :-)

    Enjoy! And a Happy early Birthday to dd!

    Kathy :-)

  4. Thanks, Loreth :)

    Kelly, I am always amazed by what some people can do with a rock :)

    Kathy--no way!!! If Sally ends up in Brittany let me know!! And thanks for the birthday wishes. She is now officially 10!!

  5. I'd need binoculars to see the Mona Lisa - not very equal opportunities for (poorly sighted) people.

  6. Diane--I didn't wear my glasses so she was pretty blurry. I did see her much closer 13 years ago.