Saturday, February 06, 2010

Pointe de Saint Mathieu


We went for a family haircut today, found a salon that fitted us all in and actually did a good job :) Then we went to the shops and hubby bought me a Breton stripy shirt, and a wooden sword & shield for DS.  Then we nipped into IKEA for a few essentials, then Sportchek for a new swimming costume for DD, and food shopping in the Supermarket.  We did so well we treated the kids to their second McDonalds of the trip.   Now DH is watching Ireland beat Italy at rugby.  I'm off to feed the ducks while avoiding my son's wooden blade!  Salute!!


  1. Toni, These are gorgeous. Thanks for sharing. It's nice to "get away" from the snow here in the Midwest for a bit! I hope you're enjoying your trip.

  2. Thanks, Debra. I am enjoying my trip--thanks! I hear you on the snow. SO nice to avoid it as much as possible! Keep safe.