Thursday, February 11, 2010


It hasn't all been fun and games over here.  We've had to do some serious scientific research.  Not a day goes by when we don't search for a new species of wine or cheese.  Each has to be examined carefully for taxanomic and genomic variations.  Even the children are helping out.  And then there are the patisseries and chocolatiers...

This shop was in Quimper (pronounced Gemper) and it had some of the best cakes/chocolate I have ever seen/sampled.  I didn't take many photos of the city itself.  We were caught up in the food.  There were shops dedicated to the amazing variety of seafood pates and sardines ect., all in tins that looked like works of art.   
The city is famous for its pottery but to be honest I didn't like the pottery itself.  I suppose I was spoiled growing up in the shadow of Coalport China works.  It is a nice town and I'm pretty sure we'll have to go back because the sample size wasn't quite big enough...


  1. Wow, those cakes look ace.

  2. Sigh. Really good pastries and cakes you just don't get in my part of the world.

    As for cheese ... I'd come back looking like a house!