Friday, March 05, 2010

What's not to like?

Only four weeks left in this part of France!  My how time flies. I love living in the country.  No shops.  Two roosters and an owl who hoots for half the night.  Love it.  I love being so close to the sea that I can see it.  I love the fresh breeze and the waving palms and the curves of the land.  I love the way the dogs run loose with waggy dog tails, the way the French drive with such hopeless but competant abandon.  I love the moss-covered trees and mistletoe.  The green grass and spring flowers all starting to bloom.  The camelia hedges and bushes all over the countryside.  I love the coastline, ragged and scary. The old old buildings and ancient stones.  I love the food. I love my little cottage.

In case you think I'll never go back to Winnipeg...I do miss my friends, and my home.  I miss talking to people because I'm too stupid to speak French.  But I'm enjoying my time here :)

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