Thursday, May 27, 2010

UK to Canada

Well, we made the journey from Shropshire to Vancouver Island without incident (2 long car journeys, 2 short & 4 plane rides). Not even scissors in the rucksack phased us. We spent 1 night in Winnipeg and all felt a pang to see our house and our friends and then have to take off again the next day. But it was fabulous to see DH again :) We're staying at the Bamfield Marine Station on the edge of the Pacific Rim National Park.
So this is what I did today...went down to see if DH had any sharks in his shark tank. Saw divers surface off the pier. Watched a starfish the size of a small dog grazing on barnacles. Did the washing (less glam, I know), went to Pachena Bay and saw Ospreys fish. And Bald Eagles. And Golden Eagles. Un-be-lievable.


  1. Toni your pictures are just fantastic, I would love to put them all in a dedicated album,or better on a memory stick for showing on a photo frame or the TV

  2. Pop--thanks! You can save any you want by clicking on them to enlarge, then right clicking on the mouse and saving them on your PC. I have some of the kids I'll load into FB later too!!

  3. Glad the long trek went without a hitch! Love the pictures.