Sunday, June 20, 2010

Northern Trail Head of West Coast Trail

So--I'm pretty sure the people who usually set off on this adventure don't have two little kids, two cans of beer, 2 bottles of water, a towel and 4 rain jackets as their only supplies, but we were only doing a mile or so before the Pachena Beach Solstice party (Soulstice as it was called). 
Even from the very start of the trail at the end of the beach this was not what I expected!  4 near vertical ladders to the top of the ridge.  
And then three down to the next beach...
 but what a beach...classic Pacific Coast scenery!

It was breathtaking and strenuous and we only went about a 1km as the crow flies!!  There was a series of massive storms in 2007 that did tremendous damage to the trail and you can see huge numbers of Goliath-size trees twisted and broken. Someone did a hell of a job clearing it up

It would be an awesome trek...47 miles of absolute wilderness that they say takes 5-7 days to hike.  After walking it for just an hour I can see why!

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