Monday, December 20, 2010

Worst thing about Winnipeg?

It isn't the temps or the bugs. It is the drivers!
I was the designated driver for DH's Christmas do.  We drove home about 8 pm after a couple of cans of ginger ale. About 3 blocks from home I stopped at traffic lights and I'm in the middle lane because there are often parked cars on the inside lane. On Friday however there were no cars parked. Knowing I needed to get over to get my exit I started to indicate to move into the inside lane.

What would ANY sane driver do?

Doesn't matter what they'd do. A Winnipegger will speed up until they are level with your car and stay there. When you eventually slow down to slip in behind them, they roar ahead and when you move into the inside lane, they put there brakes on and travel at 20 km and hour. I have no idea who teaches these people to drive but they'd kill people in most cities in the world.

Happy Christmas.


  1. Sounds about like Traffic here! OY!
    I often wonder how people get their Licences.. One of my biggest gripes is we live in an area with lots of hills and mountains. We live in the valley but must go up to get to the coast or over to the Desert. I have lived in this type of area all my life.

    We get what we call flat landers over here on vacation. They don't know how to drive on the curvy up and down roads. so they creep along and slam on their breaks for every curve. Then speed up so you can pass them on the straight stretches. Drives me nuts when they drive slower then I have to pulling my Travel trailer. They should be able to navigate a curve at a high speed them me!!

    IN the city i have to many pet peeves to get in to LOL I could write a book on them!

  2. Doris--it drives me nuts :) We don't have the excuse of curves or hills here. All straight lines :)